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The Company and its Board of Directors (Board) recognizes the importance of enhancing shareholder value through a sustainable business by maintaining and conscientiously applying high standards of corporate governance throughout the British American Tobacco Malaysia Group while discharging its duties and responsibilities in managing the business and affairs of British American Tobacco Malaysia.

Throughout the years, the Company and the Board are committed in ensuring that the British American Tobacco Malaysia Group’s business and affairs are in strict adherence to the doctrine and principles of good corporate governance such as integrity, transparency, accountability and responsible business conduct. This is evident in its internal standards, processes, guidelines and systems, which are aligned with the aforementioned corporate governance doctrine and principles.

The Company’s corporate governance structure has been built and enhanced based on the following principles and best practices:

(i) Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (Revised 2007) (Malaysian Code);
(ii) Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Listing Requirements);
(iii) Corporate Governance Guide: Toward Boardroom Excellence of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (CG Guide);
(iv) British American Tobacco Malaysia’s Code of Corporate Governance (BATM Code);
(v) Standards of Business Conduct (Standards);
(vi) Statement of Business Principles (Business Principles); and
(vii) Statement of Delegated Authorities.


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