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Responsibility is a key pillar of our business strategy and, as leader in the Malaysian tobacco industry, we demonstrate responsible corporate conduct across all aspects of our operations.

Our reputation is as important as our brands and we believe that growth and productivity are not to be achieved at the expense of responsibility. We believe in leading responsibly and adding sustainable value to the communities in which we operate.       

Elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have been ingrained in British American Tobacco Malaysia since the Company started its journey a century ago. We have always held to the simple principle of "how the company makes its money, and not how it spends it".

The natural progression of increasing expectations from stakeholders and general public however, has spurred British American Tobacco Malaysia to recognise the need to evolve from CSR towards a sustainable agenda throughout its corporate, social and environmental endeavours. 

Embedding sustainability throughout British American Tobacco Malaysia’s operations is admittedly not an overnight process, but it is a challenge that the company is taking on for its commercial sustainability.

As a company dealing with products that pose risks to health, it is crucial that our business continues to be managed responsibly and in line with reasonable stakeholder expectations.  We are committed to building constructive partnerships for change, to listening to our stakeholders, to deepening our understanding of what is expected of us and to defining and demonstrating responsible behaviour.


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