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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) systems are fully embedded in British American Tobacco Malaysia's business operations across all stages of its supply chain.

We have a dedicated team appointed to develop, implement, maintain and improve a sustainable corporate EHS management system and culture. In addition, the following two cross-functional or cross-departmental committees are also formed to manage and implement the EHS management system effectively.

  • EHS Corporate Committee headed by the Operations Director.
  • EHS Committee Petaling Jaya headed by the Head of Production.

In 2003, British American Tobacco Malaysia's fully owned subsidiary, Tobacco Importers and Manufacturers Sdn Bhd implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS), which comprises quality and EHS management systems.

Integrated Management System Policy

We recognise Quality, Environment, Health and Safety as among the key elements to determine our leadership and sustainability in our business operations. We are committed to continually improve our business operations in the aspects of:

  • Achieving full compliance to applicable local legislation, British American Tobacco Group common platforms and other requirements.
  • Effectiveness of our Integrated Management System.
  • Meeting and exceeding customer's requirements and satisfaction.
  • Ensuring environmental responsibility and reduction of pollution.
  • Ensuring health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors who are on-site and the prevention of workplace incidents and ill-health.

We establish and regularly review our Integrated Management System objectives and targets, and in the process, carry out our business activities dutifully.

This policy serves to guide for our employees in exercising their individual responsibility in all Quality, Environment, Health and Safety aspects of our business operations.

We continuously monitor, evaluate and review the relevance of our Integrated Management System to the Company’s business operations through a communication network with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, legislative bodies and the public.

Environment, Health and Safety Objectives

British American Tobacco Malaysia’s key EHS objectives are:

  • The establishment and maintenance of an effective EHS risk assessment process to identify hazards or environmental impacts, establish risk levels and implement appropriate controls that minimise risk to employees, contractors, visitors, neighbours and the environment.
  • The education, training and motivation of employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy manner.
  • The provision of awareness training and the conduct of medical examinations / surveillance in accordance with the legal and other requirements.
  • The establishment and maintenance of effective two-way communication channels for employee consultation and feedback on EHS matters.
  • The encouragement of contractors and suppliers to improve their EHS practices.
  • The sharing of EHS performance with employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • The achievement of a high standard of housekeeping at the workplace.
  • The reduction of noise, odour and other factory emissions.
  • The reduction of hazardous waste generation and the safe handling, transportation and disposal of such waste.
  • The conservation of energy and natural resources through the efficient use of materials, reafforestation, recycling and other appropriate methods.
  • The conduct of our support for research into the environmental impacts of materials, processes, emissions and wastes associated with the enterprise and on the means of minimising any such adverse impacts.
  • The establishment and maintenance of contingency plans for dealing with incidents and emergencies which could adversely affect the environment or the safety and health of the local community.

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