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Be competitively rewarded for the difference you make, so you can see tangible results of your contribution in all ways.

Our leading edge remuneration strategies are designed to be highly competitive and performance driven to attract, motivate and retain our talent. We believe in providing a comprehensive compensation and benefit program to reward the bright minds that drive the organisation to greater heights.

Our reward strategy

We regularly compare ourselves to a select group of businesses targeting the same pool of world-class talent. We want to reward the contributions of our employees in a way that is meaningful to them, so we continue to examine the practices of other companies and ask our employees what motivates them.

This research supports us in developing leading-edge practices and we have developed a reward strategy as a guide for our companies. It includes:

  • Rewarding contribution and achievement rather than tenure;
  • Freedom for managers to influence the pay increases of their staff;
  • Performance judged against a small number of key areas and objectives;
  • Where possible, greater choice in the elements of an individual's benefits package;
  • Regular feedback mechanisms for assessing views on reward;
  • Simple and straightforward reward systems.

By joining British American Tobacco Malaysia, we will provide you with the building blocks you need to shape a brighter future. Read more in Why choose us.


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